Title: Herbicide Pollution Reduction Strategy for Australia

The Weed's Network is passionate about a sustainable, viable and creative future for our relationship with the plants we call weeds. Through a spirit of willing exploration we foster ways to better understand these plants so they become a resource we can manage with environment and future generations in mind. The Weed’s Network provides evidence-based information for innovative ways of thinking about, engaging with and working with weeds sustainably. It is the aim of this strategy to develop employment and economic growth that works to enhance the wellbeing and health of both humans and the environment; to take up market opportunities which enrich and grow peoples’ lives and the environment. We see Australia heading towards a leadership role in clean green economic growth and employment – a leadership position that understands and embraces the value of working in partnership with the earth. It is about working with each other and the earth to the benefit of both humans and the environment. With these aims in mind, this strategy works to develop and gather in effective clean green options for working with the plants we call weeds. The first step needs to be a commitment and passion for pollution reduction.

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Date: May 24, 2015; 10:18:00 AM EST
Author Name: David Low
Author ID: admin